Australian Certified OrganicMost organic meats and produce sold in Australia are stamped with the recognizable BUD logo, which indicates the food qualifies as Australian Certified Organic.  This logo can be seen on a wide variety of items, from coffee and apples to make-up and clothing, guaranteeing consumers that ingredients used to make the product–whether it was soil to grow plants or grain to feed livestock–have passed tests established by the Australian Certified Organic Standard.  Highly respected by other global organic organisations and implementing the strictest of standards, the ACO is accredited and approved to certify organic products in Australia by the AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service).

What makes something organic?

The ACO considers organic plants and foods to be not only free of man-made chemicals but also something grown using a whole systems approach.  Associated with the earth, the environment and anything else linked to growing organic meats, produce and plants, the whole systems approach involves new and innovative ways of farming, raising livestock and providing people with items necessary to live a healthy, safe and natural lifestyle.

Organically developed produce stamped with the BUD logo also has a market advantage. Consumers  concerned about how  pesticides and herbicides are harming their bodies will take the time to educate themselves about the detrimental effects of toxic chemicals and be more than happy to purchase organic food at a fair price.  Every three years, the Australian Certified Organic Standard is reviewed to guarantee consumers that everything certified by the ACO meets any industry changes and expectations stemming from research and newly developed practices.  In fact, these high standards set by the ACO are equivalent to the organic standards expected by the European Union regarding wine and livestock exports. 

Australian Certified Organic also strives to investigate fraudulent certificates offered by suppliers who are trying to pass off their items as organic. Recently, the ACO issued a NASAA Fraudulent Certificate alert ( to a company trading as Kings Crt Organic Vineyard. When ACO discovered fraudulent certificates were being passed as genuine by this company,  they sent a courtesy letter to establishments selling or serving organic meat and produce advising of a possible fraud business advertising as a provider of organic items.

When shopping at an organic supermarket in SE Queensland or Brisbane, look for the BUD logo to ensure you are buying healthy, fresh, uncontaminated meats and produce. You can also ask the natural organic butcher in charge of the meat department questions about the ACO, their standards and how going organic will improve your health, your energy levels and possibly prevent you from suffering chronic illnesses related to the use of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.