AnitdepresentModern life puts many of us under considerable pressure and the growing instance of depression in our adult and child population is growing. Much of this has been shown to relate to our lifestyle and maintaining a natural organic diet can overcome many aspects of what leads to depression. The overuse of chemicals in our foods and the air have been shown to destroy the natural vitamins that our brain needs to help us cope with daily living.

Organic and natural food isn’t just good for your body, it’s good for your mind as well. In fact, our current understanding of the brain indicates that promoting good mental health while avoiding depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions often comes down largely to getting enough of certain nutrients from food. As you might imagine, organic and natural goods are some of the best sources. Here are a few examples of nutrients and vitamins that help with mental health and foods that have plenty.

Vitamin D

According to a host of different studies, Vitamin D deficiency causes conditions like depression, schizophrenia, dementia, Alzeheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Recent studies have also shown that Vitamin D may be a neuroactive steroid, which is the same chemical many unnatural antidepressants target.  Foods high in Vitamin D include egg yolks, sardines, tuna and Swiss cheese. By going the natural root, you are basically using nature’s antidepressant.


Tyrosine is a chemical involved in the transporting of dopamine and serotonin throughout the brain. Serotonin and Dopamine are the neuroreceptors associated the most with feelings of happiness and contentment. They are released during activities that are positive for the individual, such as a good work out, for example.  Adding more Tyrosine to your diet can help alleviate anxiety and make you feel better and less depressed. Organic soy products are a good source of Tyrosine. You can also head down to the natural organic butcher to pick up organic meat products like chicken. Other good sources include egg whites, seaweed and dairy products.


B6 is a vitamin associated with energy. Low energy can often cause symptoms associated with depression. While it’s possible to get what you need from supplements, it’s a lot more effective to get the vitamins from eating natural foods. Examples of natural foods that have plenty of B6 include the usual suspects like leafy greens such as turnips, spinach and mustard greens. You can also get it through bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, pineapples and cantaloupe. Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli or Brussels sprouts can be a good source as well.


Fatty acids like Omega-3 are required to make sure you’re healthy in terms of mental health. Studies have shown that not having enough EFAs can cause damage to the mechanisms that work with dopamine and serotonin in your frontal cortex. A lack of EFAs can cause all sorts of mental problems such as mood swings, depression, uncontrollable anger, and so on. Picking up some natural foods at the organic supermarket with EFAs like walnuts, pecans, peanuts and other nuts can often improve mental health right away. Flax seeds and avocados are great for this as well.

Sometimes, mental ailments like depression can be caused by something as simple as a natural food deficiency. Heading down to your supermarket can help take the pressure off and save the day if that is the cause.