Organic Lamb RoastGetting good organic foods is as simple as visiting us, your friendly organic supermarket. This is as true for organic lamb as it is any other food. A tasty lamb roast is a favorite for many families around Australia. No matter now it is prepared, it is a great meal. Buying organic is a great way to ensure that your family will enjoy the best tasting and healthiest lamb possible…

A Healthy, Happy Animal

Lamb that is organic has been fed a diet that has higher standards than regular lamb. Their feed is not contaminated with undesirable chemicals. The lamb will also have not been pumped full of antibiotics to counteract poor living conditions. Instead, the health and size of the lamb will be a result of a natural lifestyle.

There are several types of organic lamb. Most organic lamb is fed a healthy diet of prepared food and hay. Grass fed lamb has spent time out in a pasture. 100% grass fed lamb is sourced from creatures that spent their entire lives on a pasture and were not fed prepared food. Organic and grass fed lamb meat is considered to have higher levels of some key nutrients. It is also much more humanly raised.

Benefits of Lamb

Lamb is a favourite meat of many Australians. It is one of the best sources of omega-3 acids found in the typical Australian diet. Grass-fed organic lamb can contain as much as 25% more omega-3s and up to 49% more alpha-linolenic acid (a basic building block of omega-3) at conventional lamb meat. That’s as much as 40 milligrams of omega-3s in a serving of roasted lamb!

Lamb is also a great source of Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). This nutrient is a fatty omega-6 acid. While most Australians get plenty of regular omega-6 acids in their diet, this particular acid can help improve the immune system and decrease bodily inflammation. It can improve bone mass, improve blood sugar stats and reduce overall body fat. This nutrient is found most in lambs fed on typical Australian pasture land.

Selecting Your Meat

Our natural organic butcher can help you decide which cut of lamb is best for your particular needs. Lamb meat is from young sheep, less than a year old. It is a sweet and buttery meat. The texture is very soft and delicate. The most common cuts include rack, shoulder, shank, loin and leg. The rack includes roughly nine ribs that can be cut apart. Lamb chops can come from many parts of the animal; shoulder and loin are typically good cuts. Whole lambs are often roasted or barbecued for special events. Many people enjoy sausage and burgers made of ground lamb.

In general, look for meat that is soft but firm to the touch. It will have a fine texture and a pink to light red colouration. Good cuts will be marbled with firm white fat. The meat will have a pleasant odour. Lamb goes bad quickly; it must always be kept quite cold.

Cooking Tips

Organic lamb can dry out quickly when cooking. Tougher cuts like shoulder make excellent stew. Lamb chops and rack of lamb are best prepared with high heat and a short cook time. Lamb burgers benefit from high heat and a little olive oil in the pan. Use warmed heavy stainless steel or cast iron pans for the best cooking experience.