If you are feeling a bit slow and sluggish from winter…now is the perfect time to do a Spring Detox …ready for Summer to help re-energize, revitalize and regenerate healthy cells in your whole body…

10 Tips for a Spring Detox… A sustainable Detox programme: to cleanse the body of built up wastes may last 6-12 weeks, rather than a quick detox and crash diet… This should include:

  1. Drink up to 1.5lL a day of quality, preferably natural alkaline water a day- or at least filtered water – not tap water. This is essential to flush out toxins, hydrate well at a cellular level and to assist with potential weight loss.
  2. If you have a poor diet, supplement with a good colloidal Mineral. Ask your naturopath or a health store. Also other Vitamins as recommended to restore and balance body deficiencies – this also usually helps to eliminate sweet cravings.
  3. Start a good Pro Biotic to balance your gut flora after winter viruses and antibiotics, and consider a bowel cleanse of parasites such as worms, which create toxicity.
  4. Adopt a more alkaline food diet -80% alkaline foods: 20% acid foods….
    Focus more on a salad and vegetable diet with only 20% animal proteins, which is easy to do in summer.
    Fresh fruit is also great with watermelon and lemons being very alkaline.
  5. Balance your hormones particularly if you have been under a lot of stress. If you feel you are out of balance then obtain a thorough hormonal blood test.
  6. Depending on each person stress and lifestyle, consider a remedy to support your adrenal glands and nervous system, as these organs may be under functioning.
  7. If you are experiencing fluid retention, this may be hormonal and a detox of the urinary system can assist the body to clear itself of bacteria and other toxins.
  8. Consult a naturopath or health professional for a complete health check up. Have a blood analysis done to see how oxygenated you are and if there is any bacteria in your blood. Nutriente in Nundah Brisbane now has HemaView blood analysis whilst SAFE natural therapies at Burleigh, Gold Coast also have a $30 approx. blood assessment. Some well known herbs used to cleanse the blood and assist in detoxing are dandelion, burdock and sarsaparilla. These are readily available in herbal teas.
  9. Enjoy a session of massage, aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage, tai chi, yoga or Bowen therapy to assist in relaxation and balancing the body’s energy. This will stimulate the lymphatic system and also help alleviate any stress.
  10. Finally, each person is different and you may experience headaches, nausea and bowel cramps for a couple of days at first when you begin your detox. If you are unwell consider having a full holistic consultation with a naturopath and if these symptoms persist then consult a naturopath, health professional and have a break from the detox programme. Often when you detox the body, it can then balance itself, naturally.