Formerly The Meat-ting Place Pty Ltd. Now TMP Organics Butcher and Supermarket. THE ORIGINAL and THE BEST since 1997.

Organic Butcher & Supermarket

North West Plaza
97 Flockton St, McDowall
Ph: 07 3353 8541


Brisbane Organic and Eco-Friendly Supermarket

Family Organic Produce At Prices You Can Afford

In addition to our organic butcher shop offering meats, poultry and fish our McDowall / Everton Park storeprovides a comprehensive  range of organic produce. Our selection of organic food and Eco friendly organic personal and home care products are available for personal shoppers as well a range of selected products available in bulk.

If you are looking for good old fashioned family service backed by our friendly advice on the most suitable organic products for your needs, why don't you just come on out to The Meat-Ting Place's Organic Supermarket - we're right next door to our butcher shop inside the North West Plaza Shopping Centre, McDowall Brisbane.

Organic Supermarket Product Range

General Organic Products

Our store is small however we have an extensive 'jam packed' range - what you see below isn't all we have - we endeavour to keep our website updated however new products arrive every week.  Just ring us with any enquiry -  3353 8541


  • Cobbs Popcorn - sweet/salty & sea salt
  • Thomas Chipman - chips & corn chips
  • Kitz Living Foods - large range
  • WholeKids - large range
  • Orgran Crispbreads
  • Olive Green Organics - Quinitos
  • Peeled Snacks
  • To Die4 Life Foods - active nut range
  • K & S Chick Pea Chips
  • Gimme Seaweed Chips/Snacks
  • Yummy Earth Range
  • Pana Chocolate
  • Alter Eco Chocolate
  • Absolute Organics Food Range
  • Green Grove Organics
  • Lindsay & Edmunds
  • Pure Gums
  • The Carob Kitchen Range
  • Limar Nougat


  • Nature's Path
  • The Unexpected Guest
  • Pura Veda 
  • Paleo Hero Primal Muesli & Primal Slices
  • Food to Nourish - Paleo Breakfast Adventure
  • Kialla Foods - large range
  • Orgran
  • Ceres
  • Lotus
  • Good Morning Cereals
  • Muesli Freestyle

Fruit & Vegetables

  • The largest & freshest range arrive instore every Monday & Thursday

Pasta & Sauces

  • BioFood
  • Labruzzi - large range - spelt & wheat
  • Olive Green Organics - Amaranth Quinoa & Rice Pasta Range
  • Orgran
  • Ozganics 
  • Muir Glen  
  • Jensens  
  • Casalare  
  • Explore Asian GF & Organic Pasta & Rice Range
  • Kelp Noodles      
  • Spiral Foods    
  • Nutritionist Choice Pasta Range
  • Ancient Harvest Pasta Range

The Linen Press - Organic Cotton Products


  • Planet Teas
  • Yogi Teas
  • Hampstead Teas
  • Real Coconut Water
  • Phoenix Drinks
  • Bun Coffee
  • Montville Coffee
  • Organic Mountain Coffee
  • Sacred Ground Coffee
  • Parkers Drinks
  • Raw C Coconut Water
  • Pure Harvest Range
  • Ecomil Range
  • Love Chai Tea
  • English Tea Shop Packs
  • Pukka Teas
  • Nature's Cuppa
  • Clippers Tea & Coffee
  • Old Cossack Keffir Drinks
  • Buchi Kombucha
  • Kombucha Wonder
  • Life Energy Water
  • Black Water
  • Mojo Kombucha
  • Krazy Lemon 
  • Greenwood Organic Juices


  • Whole Kids
  • Bellamy
  • Holle - baby formula & cereals
  • Happy Baby
  • Happy Munchies
  • Four Leaf Baby CerealsOgran Snacks
  • Oral Care - snappy jaws &  jack 'n jill
  • Gaia BabySanctum Baby
  • Only Papaya     
  • Seventh Gen NappiesEco Kids   
  • Baby Organic     
  • Wot Not - suncream, nappy wipes
  • RePlay BPA Free Plates/Utensils/Sippy Cups     
  • Breganwood Organics Swaddle & Bib Sets Little Innocents
  • Ecoriginals - biodegradable/compostable nappy range
  • Little Innocent Baby Range
  • Natural Rubber Soothers

Personal Care Products

We offer a wide range of personal body, face and skin care products all organic & natural with many from local manufacturers and suppliers.

Our selection of soaps, skin care products, hair treatments, toothpastes, feminine products and body lotions is far more than we can list here however we can assure you that all products are well recognised as leading providers of organic & natural personal care items. Our list of suppliers includes:

  • Tom Organic          
  • Giovani Hair care
  • Biologika Body/Hair Care
  • Miessence Body/ Face Care
  • Eco Tan Natural Body Care Range
  • ECO all natural Sunscreen     
  • Alodent Mouth Care
  • Sukin Body/Skin/Hair Care    
  • LaMav Skin Care 
  • Zuii Make Up
  • Ere Perez Make-Up
  • Moo Goo Whole Range
  • Gaia Face/Body Care for Men
  • Dr Organics Hair/Body Care                                                                                                                                   
  • The Jojoba Company - face/body
  • Jozi Organics - biodegradable body care
  • Grants Toothpaste
  • Jason Toothpaste
  • Alodent Toothpaste
  • Phyto Shields
  • Jack n Jill  & Snappy Jaws Toothpaste Range
  • Aromaganic Permanent Hair Colour - 100% no PPD - no resorcinol/amonia/parabens/bleach
  • Riddell Creek
  • Lafe's Crystal Deodorant
  • Deonat Crystal Range
  • Aromaganic Hair Colours
  • Simply Gentle
  • Vanilla Mozi
  • Wotnot Sun Products
  • Soleo Sun Products
  • UV Natural Sun Products
  • Natra Care
  • Organyx
  • Juju Cups
  • Uni Organics - face
  • Hemp Organic - lipsticks/tints
  • Nancy Evans - lipsticks
  • Divine Products by Therese Steel
  • Lavera Products
  • Mountain Lotus - face/body
  • Eco Care Body 
  • Australian Native Botanicals Hair Care
  • Acure Hair Care
  • Melrose Liquid Castille Soaps
  • Ausganica Body Care
  • Dr Bonner's Body Care
  • Simply Clean Body Products
  • Black Chicken - range

Cooking/Condiments and Raw Health Products

Our organic cooking products offer cooking essences and syrups as well as organic cocoa.

We have a popular range of organic & natural cooking products which include:

  • Vanilla Australia Beans & Essences
  • Loving Earth - large range
  • Kialla Foods - large range
  • Bob's Red Mill - large range
  • My Organics - large range
  • Lotus Organics - large range
  • Orgran - large range
  • Hoppers Natural Food Colouring & Sprinkles
  • Four Leaf - large range
  • Ceres Organics - large range
  • Willowvale Organics - large range
  • Gluten Free Company - large range
  • Power Super Foods - large range
  • The Chai Company
  • Dr Super Foods - large range
  • Food to Nourish - food and muffin mixes
  • GEO Organics - Curry Paste Range
  • Mt Uncle's Green Banana Flour
  • Amazonia Raw Product Range
  • Love Cake Range
  • Monica's Whole Food Mixes
  • Pure Harvest Range
  • Gourmet Spirulina
  • Karom Himalayan Salts
  • Press Purity Oils
  • Melrose Food Range
  • Bioitalia Food Range
  • Lakewood Juices
  • Green Acre Peanut Butter
  • Douglas Park Jams
  • Hampton Blue Jams
  • Pro-Matrix Wheys
  • Enjoy Life
  • Hoppees Natural Colours & Sprinkles
  • Chef's Choice
  • Pomona Pectin
  • Just Wholefood Jelly
  • Pro-biotic Food
  • synergy Range Health Products
  • Comvita Health Products
  • Rochway Health Products
  • Bragg Range
  • Solghee
  • Red Boat Fish Sauce
  • Wan Ja Shan Organic Sauces
  • Fish 4 Eva Fish
  • Global Organic Foods
  • Eden Organic Foods
  • Amy's Organic Foods
  • Jolly Organic Range
  • Ozganic Gluten Free Sauces
  • Nuilife Products
  • Banaban Products
  • Gourmet Organic Herbs
  • West Country Curry Sauces
  • Massel Stock Range

Bulk Purchases

We offer a wide range of organic and all natural products that can be acquired in bulk at substantially lower price than normal. These include both food items such as nuts, berries etc as well as a choice of home care cleaning products

Customers wishing to buy large quantities of certain organic products can choose from the following however we would recommend that you should check our supermarket as supplies and availability can change from time to time. We regularly provide the following bulk items:

  • Nuts and various grains
  • Flour - Arrowroot & Buckwheat
  • Mixed Fruit
  • Olive Virgin Oil
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Coconut
  • Rice
  • Lentils
  • Washing Detergent
  • Sun-dried Tomatoes

Check out our full list of bulk products

Cleaning Products

Our organic & natural home care products includes a wide selection of well known brands - all organic and many from local manufacturers and suppliers.

Leading environmentally friendly products for household cleaning including the following brands:

  • Our EcoHome
  • B.E.E. Organic
  • Ecologic
  • Kin Kin
  • Enviro Clean
  • Cinderella
  • EcoStore 
  • Seventh Generation              
  • Full Circle Earth Friendly Cleaning Tools, Cloths, Tea Towels, Make your own Cleaning Set, Glass Drink Bottles      
  • Grab Green Range      
  • Simply Clean Lemon Myrtle Range  - laundry/cleaning/body                           

Fresh & Frozen Organic Foods

We stock a good selection of both fresh and frozen all natural organic food items including fresh vegetables, dairy and pasta as well as frozen vegetables, deserts and pastries

We have a great range of all organic fridge and freezer products, the following are just a sample of what we have on offer:

  • Zehnder Breads
  • Gluten-free Bakery
  • Elgin Fruit / Veg's
  • Co Yo Yoghurts & Ice Creams
  • Barambah Dairy
  • Babushka Probiotic Yoghurt
  • Paris Creek Yogurt & Butter
  • Divine Dairy Cheeses
  • So Delicious Ice Cream
  • Mungalli Dairy
  • Cleopatra's Bath Milk
  • Culina & Ancient Grain Breads
  • Organic Valley Dairy
  • Meredith Goat & Sheep Dairy                                  
  • Pura Veda Coconut Yoghurt                                                                                                                
  • Green Living Australia Cultures
  • Buchi Kombucha
  • Hampton Blueberries & Raspberries
  • Pure LIfe Sprouted Breads
  • Notzarella Dairy Free Cheese
  • Auricchio Pecorino Sheet Cheese
  • Cocoland Coconut Spread
  • MIke's Hommus
  • Organic Indulgence Dips
  • Q Camel Milk
  • Peace/Love/Vegetables Range
  • Kehoe's Range
  • Organic Times
  • Venerdi Paleo Bread
  • Flying Fox Ice Blocks
  • Zebra Coconut Ice Cream
  • Bio Ice Blocks

Home Products

  • Zoku Ice Pop Makers - all BPA free
  • Sinchies Resuable Pouches - multiple sizes
  • Anylock Bag Sealers - keep food fresh
  • Gentoo Plus Water Filter Jug & Filters
  • Duran Water Filters
  • Bio Snacky Sprouters/Seeds - Large range of Eden Seeds - fruit/vegetables/herbs 
  • Drishti - tealight range                    
  • Queen B tealights  4 & 9 hr  100% beeswax
  • Mt Retour Essential Oils
  • Boody Organic Bamboo Underwear Range -  ladies socks; underwear; cami, tank tops, leggings, mens boxers & briefs, socks
  • Green Cane Paper - toilet & facial tissues & paper towels
  • Amazing Oils - magnesium products
  • Ancient Minerals - magnesium products
  • Pure Bamboo Refresh Living Range
  • Select Organic Seeds
  • Cheeki Stainless Steel Drink Bottle/Cup Range
  • Life Factory Glass Bottles
  • Lunchbots Stainless Steel Range
  • Onya Bags
  • Re-Play Kids Range - plates/tumblers/bowls
  • Love Mae Bamboo Dinner /Cup Sets
  • If You Care Range
  • Biosun Ear Candles
  • Honeycone Ear Candles
  • Eco Jarz - smoothie glass jars

Pet Care

  • Ziwi Peak - Dry & Wet Range
  • BIOpet - Bio Organic Dog Bones
  • Dr Zoo - body products
  • Enviropet Shampoo
  • Organic Rosehip Shampoo

What is Organic?

Organic farming uses the earth's natural resources for sustainability. It emphasises appropriate land management and aims to ecologically achieve the balance between animal life, the natural environment and food crops. Organic farmers do not use pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified foods, growth promoters or hormones.

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Recent reports and studies have shown an increase in food-related allergies, with many people now experiencing allergic reactions to peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, milk, eggs, soy, fish and shellfish. Food allergies involve our body's immune system, and because 70% of our immune system is found in the digestive tract, the foods that we eat and the chemicals they contain can have a significant impact on our health. When the digestive tract and immune system aren't functioning well we become vulnerable to a host of disorders, including allergies.

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