Organic CattleMeat and produce  saturated with pesticides, herbicides and growth-enhancing  hormones present viable health hazards to people who eat them.   These chemicals are meant to kill living things, such as insects, fungi and weed; they are not meant to be put into the human body. 

Switching to a diet of organic meant and produce eliminates the risk of ingesting toxic chemicals intended to promote abnormal  growth of crops and animals. When you choose to eat organic foods, your body will thank you over and over again!

Benefits of organically grown foods:

  1. Vitamin levels are naturally maintained in organic food. In fact, organically grown foods contain nearly 50 percent more nutrients than foods that are genetically modified or contain chemicals. 
  2. Healthy, “clean” soil produces better-tasting food due to growth-enhancing chemicals sapping meat and produce of their the vitamins and minerals.  That vibrant, delicious taste of organically produced food is the result of a rich supply of nutrients found in the food.
  3. Recent research indicates that some pesticides and herbicides may be linked Alzheimer’s disease and even birth defects. Why would anybody take a chance on eating food that interferes with human genetic development or the healthy aging of the brain? Go organic!
  4. Antibiotics are routinely injected into animals to increase “bulk” so that they provide more meat. However, when we consume large quantities of antibiotics, we actually lose our ability to fight disease with prescribed antibiotics because our immune system develops a tolerance for antibiotics. You might liken this to a drug addict building a tolerance for their drug of choice–as time passes, they need more and more of that drug to feel its effects. 
  5. Only in the last 20 years has genetically modified foods become a staple of the typical Western diet. Because we have not had the time necessary to properly research the effects of genetic modifications on human health, we may be harming our bodies in ways that have yet to be detected by modern science. What we do know is that animals fed genetically modified foods showed a significant decrease in the ability of their immune systems to fight off infections and chronic diseases, such as  food allergies, cancer and heart problems.
  6. Supporting organic farming by eating organic food helps reduce the amount of pollution and degradation harming our soils and water supplies. When no chemicals are used on plants and animals, lakes, rivers and streams remain free of toxins that frequently enter bodies of water through runoff from crop fields and livestock farms. Although most drinking water is purified before it reaches our homes, this pasteurization process does not remove all traces of pesticides.